to eat or not to eat...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

the perfect Pro-cannibal

Since they share strong moral values, members of the group are from different ethnicities and backgroung. They don't have specific language or outfit since they all come from different horizons. However, they all share a great sens of humor which kind of tries to make their thoughs escape from the serious matter of cannibalism. Thinking about eating someone is not funny at all, making funny comments or jokes on the subject is like scaping exits to their mind.

some history

This movement was created after the crash of Uruguayan Air force Flight 571 on October 13, 1972 as a support group to the survivors of the crash. Emotionally affected because of what they did do survive, the survivors also had to face opposite public reactions. the group of Pro-cannibals make it clear that if they had to face the same situation, they would have done the same thing. They don't judge them for what they did.

who are they?

            so after looking at some websites and blogs on the subject, i came with something really interesting on the Pro-cannibalism movement. they are not what i was expecting them to be, crazy people willing to kill in order to satisfy an uncrontolable desire of human flesh. Rather, they seam to be regular normal people living normal lives, sometimes spiritual practicants, or even vegetarians. So what make them so special? They understand the sacred importance of human life more than the common people. They understand that in order to preserve this life, anyone should overcome social standards which are inocculate throughout our entire life. They prone survival cannibalism.

            contrarily to Albert Fish and Jeffrey Dahmer, they think that taking someone's life is a crime. Instead, they support the idea that in order to survive, if they don't have other choice than eating dead human bodies, this option should be a possibility. Some Pro-cannibals claim that if they were dead and leaving a starving to death family behind, they would like the family members to eat their body if it's the last chance they have to survive. Of course it's easy to choose between eating the body of a stranger and someone you know, this is where the Pro-cannibals make the distinction by adding strong moral values to their though: everybody's life is important. no difference is made, "when it comes to survival...EAT WHAT IS IN YOUR PLATE".

Thursday, October 28, 2010

what's for dinner?

What do you think would be the most inapropriate and worse thing men could ever do?  destroy the ozone layer and kill polar bears? let's focus a little bit. What is the worse thing men could do to their own race? ANTHROPOPHAGY most commonly called CANNIBALISM is i think the perfect answer to this question.

Years before our parents and grandparents, our ancestors were practicing cannibalism at a period of time or another. Fiji islands were know as the island of cannibalism, some countries in Africa like Congo and liberia practiced it too. Even in Europe countries like Greece practiced it in 5th century BC where the first true democracy in the history of the world forced Greek men, women and children to consume human flesh because of a lack of food. The most recent event related to it was the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 in 1972 where survivors to the crash had no other choice than eating the dead bodies in order to survive the 72 days of starvation.
One chile miner survivor interviewed by The Washington Post said they were making jokes about it after they've been rescued. what probably make you think that they had though about it before they have been rescued. let's think about it a minute. they were starving to death and getting skinnier, what they had was just two spoonfull of tuna and a half glass of milk every 48 hours. Thinking about it made me looking for the different opinions people would have about it and this is how i found out about the "Pro-cannibalism culture". Do you think the same though would have crossed your mind if you were facing the same situation? Do you think we should judge these people for having though about eating their companions? I personaly think it is a tough question.